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English Class

"Every language has a culture and every culture has a language".

Ìfẹ́táyọ̀ Kumasi-Ka

Our Mission

To put culture first in the classroom


About englishthat!

To englishthat! means to include the learner's cultural background, not erase it. We help grow new language skills by making it our business to learn about each student's worldview. Our goal is to increase language fluency and proficiency.

How It Works

You decide what you would like to learn.  We will assess your strengths and help you get there. Classes are private to help you maintain your professional lifestyle. Sign up today!


Who We Serve

We welcome emergent, beginner, intermediate and advanced learners from K12 to adult. We are here to honor your language goals and are glad that you want to grow with us.

Contact Us

27 W Anapamu Street

Suite 160
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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